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Ney York State Electric & Gas/Avangrid Brewster Regin Program Management

Program Management / August 2018-Present


NYSEG/Avangrid serves 881,000 electric and 263,000 natural gas customers across New York state. The Brewster region, the most densely populated portion of Putnam County, is 531 square miles and serves approximately 86,590 electric customers. The electrical system is comprised of 32 substations, 15 transmission lines and 95 distribution circuits (2,399 miles).

To help lower their customer average interruption duration index (CAIDI) and their system average interruption frequency index (SAIFI) targets, NYSEG has embarked on a five to 10-year program to perform thousands of work orders to improve system reliability. For the Brewster region alone, there are 1,500 projects that need to be completed by the end of 2018. Failure to meet this deadline will result in daily liquidated damage payments imposed by the New York Public Services Commission. The category of work order scopes includes vegetation reduction, transmission and distribution line maintenance work, and system automation. Through our contract with LaBella Associates, K&A is helping NYSEG manage this program.


Since trees are one of the leading causes of power interruptions and power quality issues, the vegetation reduction projects have been given priority. These work orders involve tree trimming, tree removal and overall vegetation abatement. Distribution line maintenance work includes repair/replacement of wood poles, guy wires, insulators, conductors and grounds. Transmission line maintenance work includes replacement of crossarms, insulators and poles. Transmission substation maintenance work includes capacitor bank installations ranging from 46–115 kV, oil breaker replacements ranging from 46–115 kV and a transmission line upgrade from 46 kV to 115 kV. Substation automation work orders include upgrades in the automation systems of several stations, as well as breaker replacements and, in some cases, substation rebuilds. Automation work orders also include automation of capacitors and regulators to provide better voltage regulation and automation of reclosers to provide reduced outage durations through remote switching capabilities.


K&A is tracking contractor performance on current (2018) work orders, which must be completed by year’s end. We established a template for project tracking, providing contractor accountability to complete projects on time and within budget. K&A is also providing NYSEG’s executive management team with weekly production performance charts for internal and external crews, schedule updates and variance reports, as well as schedule recovery plans for the Brewster region’s year-end goals.

K&A is also forecasting future years’ work orders and helping NYSEG plan for and schedule this upcoming work. K&A produced a resource gap report, identifying the labor and materials needed to complete an additional 4,000 projects in 12 other divisions, as well as developed a systems, applications and products (SAP) tool that allows NYSEG to choose internal or external resources to complete work notifications. Future NYSEG initiatives will also include implementation of LED street lighting and installation of smart meters.